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For general inquiries and further information, please contact us:

164 Deep Bend LN

Waynesville, GA 31566

PH: 912-222-1819



We are open 7 days

Mon-Fri: 9 am - 9 pm

Sat & Sun: 9 am- 8 pm

Thanks for submitting!


We are just off Hwy 259, in southeast Coastal Ga. 

Southbound I-95 travelers take Exit 29, to Hwy 82 West. In approximately 20 miles turn South onto Hwy 259 at the Traffic light. 


Northbound I-95 travelers take Exit 14 and travel cross country to Hwy 259. Please note Do Not follow GPS directions to Hwy 110 and Kings Bay Road.

Northbound cross-country travelers can take Hwy 1 or 301 North to Hwy 82 East to Hwy 259 South.

Southbound cross-country travelers can take Hwy 301 South to Hwy 82 East to Hwy 259 South.

Eastbound travelers can take Hwy 82 East to Hwy 259 South.


Please note: please call Ron at 912-222-1819 as soon as you get to Hwy 259. We will be doing some driveway widening on our access road over the next few weeks or so or until you no longer see this notice. You will not have any problems getting in, we just do not want you to meet a big rig or the garbage truck in the construction area. When you call, we will prevent you from meeting any outgoing traffic.


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